Island Destinations with Asia Marine

Just a few miles North-East of Phuket are the star attractions – The Phang Nga Bay. You will find more than 100 islands with amazing geology and gigantic limestone rising way high vertically out of the water. Images of the bay and its majestic panoramas have travelled the world. The stunning scenery of the bay extends down to Krabi, reaching south into deeper, crystal clear waters. Ao Relay is probably the most spectacular beach in the area with its perfect cove and spectacular cliffs rising from crystal clear water. South of Krabi, and East of Phuket you discover the Phi Phi Islands – one of the most beautiful island groups anywhere. Bird nests hiding in the caves of the cliffs, lagoons surrounded by rock walls and idyllic tropical beaches have rightly made these islands amongst the most famous in the world.
Racha Islands are twin islands located South-East of Phuket. Popular for their crystal clear blue waters these islands have been paradise for divers for a long time. Racha Yai is growing in popularity with white sand beaches and expanding accommodations, Racha Yai. The nearby island of Ko Mi Ton also offers one of the best coral beaches for the snorkeling.

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